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Do you recognize this?

Nowadays we can no longer live without a computer. Unfortunately, there are still some computer problems coming up from time to time. A program doesn’t start and you want to work at home for a while, you can’t go on the internet and just want to do some internet banking or you’re typing furiously, but no text appears on the screen. All while your once fast computer has become slower and slower.

What now?

You call your handy grandson, friend or acquaintance. Then spend hours fiddling behind the computer to find out that the problem is too complicated to solve yourself. Are you taking the computer to the store? There you do not know what happens to your computer or your data and you often also receive a sky-high bill. That is no longer necessary!

The solution to all your computer problems!

PC-CONSULT offers professional help with all your computer problems. You can reach us 7 days a week on our special service line and we will solve it for you.

Our service line & Remote assistance

To solve your problems quickly, the ICT professional logs in remotely on your computer with your permission. You simply watch via your own screen, so no stress, and you still have control. Can’t solve the problem remotely? No worries! The ICT professional will then come to your home! And you can quickly continue with internet banking, checking e-mail or surfing the internet.

Common problems:

• I don’t have an internet connection
• My email no longer works
• I can no longer print
• My keyboard or mouse does not work
• The computer has a virus or crashes
• Windows is acting strange
• I can’t remember my password(s).
• A program does not open
• The computer no longer starts

Consulting & Training

Computer use – OS Windows – Apps (office, communication, creative) – Peripherals – Data storage – English.


40 years experience – 20 years on the Costa del Sol

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